The Course That Will Change Your Perspective

You have heard of it. Witnessed it. Dabbled in it. Felt it.

Obeah, witchcraft, voodoo, magic, the Juju of Africa, the Onmyōdō of Japan, the Roots of African Americans, the Stregoneria of Southern Europe and Italy— It is a global phenomenon called by various names throughout many cultures in the world. It has been romanticized in books, films, and family or cultural tales which has aroused the imagination of the common world and has caused a great fear among them. 

Many practitioners wear the titles that go along with this Art in pride, while other spiritualists shun any title associated with the practice. It has been the blame of many unnatural incidents, sudden shifts of character, relationships that were not meant to be, losses, failures, bondage, and as far as nationwide destruction --

The line between actuality and illusion have been invariably crossed, but that is exactly the power of this mystery.

Many people are affected by it, and many dabble into its Arts, but many have no idea how it works, why it works, and how to separate the superstition that exists in the public mind from the actuality of the mystery. 

It is indeed a mystery because we are not supposed to know what is in the invisible world, nor its operations. We are not supposed to know how to turn water into wine. We ought not to know how to command Legions to come out of Man and to then cast them with mere words into pigs. Humans can never know how to speak to daemons or unseen things. Mere humans should have no access to the "dead" or have the knowledge of how to communicate with them.

However, all of this knowledge is coded within us, but we are not yet privy to it -- and this is a good thing.

The gun is a dangerous weapon, but it can do no harm if man does not touch it and use it with the intention to harm. There, I have just given you a great lesson in the last statement.

There are some beings in human form who have gained access to a small part of their Mind which have given them access to hitherto unknown knowledge-- alchemy, the knowledge of how to manipulate energy. 

This may have come from their curiosity (which is a great but deadly tool for growth), or from their genetic DNA (coming from generations handed down), or can be the reason that they have come to earth. In other words, those who are practitioners of this craft are not by happenstance, but are contributors to the development of society and also for the elevation of mankind. Yes, even those who use this knowledge for malevolence.

Obeah can be used for positive or negative. However, Obeah has layers to it, while witchcraft has no benevolent factor, but will relent when faced when one has the knowledge to appeal and appease them to release their charge. Therefore making Witchcraft distinct from all others, even though all others will employ their work into action.

It does one a great misfortune to walk this world blindfolded to the mysteries that make our realities possible.

In this course, you will discover the metaphysics of this phenomenon, and learn things such as:

1. The revelation and interpretation of symbols

2. The power of word incantation, intonation, poetry, and religious roles in energy manipulation

3. The spiritual codes of the human body and how they are manipulated

4. The power of Intention

5. The invisible layers of Man

6. The theory behind spiritual work and how it affects the invisible part of the physical person first

7. How  spiritual guides allows negative actions to take place in human lives

8. The Beings that govern the Craft and their "images", or symbols in Nature, the human body, and the planetary spheres.

9. The role of Nature and Anti-Nature

10. The role the Mind plays in receiving magical manipulation and repelling magical manipulation

11. The role of environment and land and the energies that radiate juxtaposed with its invisible realm.

12. The invisible effects of magical manipulation

13. The Role of Judgement

14. Interpreting Dreams and Visions

15. Spiritual "Blows"/Messages (attacks) and how they manifest, and the days they manifest with strength and vigor.

16. Universal Laws, Court in the Spiritual Realm, the Justice of Spirit 

17. Political governance and the use of Spiritual Science; How it affects, directs, and governs the public consciousness

If you are in this class, it means you were led here, and there are many reasons why, reasons you will uncover by yourself. There are many things you will hear/learn that you have never ever put thought to. Some may surprise you and others may awe you. Obeah has the ability to fix the world... but it also has the ability to destroy it.

How much do you know about it?

Course curriculum

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  1. 1
    • A Message from the Instructor

    • How to Navigate Your Student Portal

  2. 2
    • The Agenda: What to Expect

    • Intro: What is Obeah, Witchcraft & Magic? Definitions and Explanations

    • Class Reading: Conquering Negative Forces - Read "Meeting After Hours"

  3. 3
    • The Agenda: What to Expect

    • Practical Application: Prosperity Experiment

    • Left or Right Path? Spirits and How Obeah Works (Part 1)

    • Left or Right Path? Q&A Session (Part 2)

  4. 4
    • Signs and Symbols of Obeah and What They Mean (Part 1)

    • Signs and Symbols of Obeah and What they Mean Q&A (Part 2)

  5. 5
    • Dark and Light Magic + Types of Spirits Practitioners Use (Part 1)

  6. 6
    • Class 6: Remedies, Protection, and Analogies

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