Metaphysics of Obeah, Witchcraft, and Strange Magic

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NEW: The Study of Energy Manipulation

It is old, mysterious, loved, feared, and a human plague all in one -- what exactly is this mysterious spiritual work that has captivated the imagination of cultures? How does it work? Is it malevolent? Is it a true science or a superstition? In this course you will learn the metaphysics of obeah and the invisible causes of visible illusions that has brought about its secret popularity in the common world.

Health and the Spiritual Origin of Illness

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In this course of 4 Classes, you will learn the mystical origins of illnesses and a few valuable healing keys to keep with you along your journey and in time of need, as we all journey along this rough ride to the New World.

Divination Mentorship

Mentorship Program

Learn the metaphysics of divination and how to divine through spirit. This will endow the student with a developing ability of mediumship; increasing his perception, receptivity, and highly improved interpretation skills.

The School

Our Mission

The Celestine Council School is a platform and community dedicated to the study and search into the spiritual mysteries of Life and Nature. Founded and guided by spiritualist and metaphysics teacher, Obara Meji, and born out of the metaphysical blog, Embracing Spirituality, The Celestine Council University is another phase in Obara Meji's mission and contribution to the spiritual evolution of mankind. My mission is to bestow to true students the wisdom which was imparted to me during the stages of my own awakening.