Divination Mentorship

The Spiritual Reading Mentorship is a monthly program divided into four quarters. Far more than "learning how to divine", students of this program develop their own inner Being to wonders they knew not before. This program assists diviners, practitioners, and divination beginners on the secrets and wisdom of the art of divination, and how to perfect it over time.

Students will learn how to advance their perception under their direct mentorship of Obara Meji.

With a focus on tarot cards, learn:

  • How to use any oracle as a medium of divination
  • How to significantly improve interpretation
  • How to identify entities that come forth to speak, and discern negative and positive entities
  • How your messages come forth
  • Develop your awareness and sensitivity
  • Develop your connection to the ethereal worlds
  • How to pull from the realms the solutions to problems or obstacles seen
  • ...And much more to be revealed upon entry

Learn the metaphysics of tarot cards and how to read them through spirit. This will endow the student with a developing ability of mediumship; increasing his perception, receptivity, and highly improved interpretation skills.

With this program, you will learn true divination, which advances beyond the literal cards before you.

Discover one of your main gifts in this program.

Tuition Options

Monthly payments or New members who enroll in the full year will receive a 5% members discount with code: loveandunity20

Course curriculum

Note to students: Many course lessons may not be viewable to public.

  1. 1
    • A message from the instructor

    • Student Walkthrough: How to Navigate the Course

    • Before we begin...

    • Letter to Student - A New Dawn

    • How to Progress Through the Program

  2. 2
    • Agenda and Requirements

    • Introduction: Entrance to The Cosmic Library

    • Practical Application #1: Your Sacred Oracular Space

    • Practical Application #1.5: Choose 3 Cards

    • Practical Application #2: Mind's Eye Exercise

    • Exercising the Mind's Eye: Telepathic Communication with Tarot

    • Practical Application #3: Judgement Bath

    • The Opening of the Third Eye

    • Metaphysical Discussion on Consciousness + Types of Spiritual Sensing

    • Practical Application #4 108 Chants | Spiritual Eyes, and Sound

    • Practical Application #5: Biblical Verse Contemplation

    • Postulant Analytical Review Document

  3. 3
    • Neophyte Introduction: Examination

    • Neophyte Ascendance Ritual

    • Discerning Voice and Message of Spirit

    • Discerning Spirits During Divination

    • N: Practical Application #1 The Mystical Egg | What Do You See?

    • Esoteric Meaning of 22 Major Arcana: The Fool, Magician, & High Priestess

    • Esoteric Meaning of 22 Major Arcana: (Cont'd) + The Empress

    • Divining Through Spirit (Discourse)

    • N: Practical Application #2 Intuition of the Hour Experiment

    • Linear Time in Fragments & Divination Metaphors

    • Concentration Development + Intuition Exercises

    • Esoteric Meaning of Emperor, Empress, and Hierophant + Intuition Practice

    • Tarot Interpretation and the Spiritual Realms

    • Significance of Numbers, Spiritual Receptors, & Cautions

    • Intuition Exercises

    • Intuition Exercises

A Message from Obara Meji

Our instructor

When I was going through my awakening, I had no idea that I would come out of it as who I am, and one of "who I am" is a diviner. I divine through tangible oracles, and I, myself, am an oracle since I am a medium. Overall, as a spiritualist, I often tell people that I am a teacher, this is who I believe myself to be. It has taken me some time to convince my self to set up a program such as this, because I thought that it was ridiculous to teach a person something as special as divination. However, I have been reminded by my spiritual guides, that although I am a teacher, I am also a guide embodied in human form. And with this knowledge, I am now ready to guide you all through this very mystical, ancient, art of divination. I believe that we are all gifted and we must allow our gifts to shine. If you find yourself here, then you belong here. Love, Light, Peace, and Happiness to you.